Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Grandma's Early American Style Gets a Fresh Look

Pictures speak a thousand words:

We've seen this style in thrift stores, Craigslist, yard sales, etc.  They are great for storage, well made, but so dated looking.

I stripped the top and found a gorgeous solid cherry top (no veneer).  Some new knobs, Old White and a custom mix with Duck Egg as the base....

When I replaced the old fashioned, "Bat Wing" styled hardware, I needed to fill in all of the holes of the top drawers so I could center the pulls.  For some reason, it took me about 4 coats of filler to get the holes perfectly smooth, filled in and no evidence of previous pulls.  So I'll ask you, how many 'fills' does it take you to get a hole completely filled and smooth?  Any tips on expediting the process would be greatly appreciated!  I got to the point of thinking "I'm never replacing hardware again!", but that didn't last long!  

I also thought it needed a little 'somethin' somethin'" to sweeten it up, so I added an applique on one drawer.

And one quick shot of the gorgeous refinished top:

I'm not usually a two tone painter, but I love the Old White & Duck Egg combo!

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