Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trying a New Type of Paint

It took me a long time to finally put paint to furniture.  I read blogs, and watched videos for several months before taking my first stab at reloving a piece of furniture.  I decided the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products made the most sense for me....and so it has been.  However, I like the look of black painted furniture, and as you may already know, ASCP's Graphite is not a true black.  I've been able to add color to get it to a truer black, but when I started seeing pieces in General Finishes Lamp Black, I knew I had to give it a try. 

In my usual RPK fashion, I read, studied and asked questions about this product.  It is because of Suzanne at The Painted Drawer, Cassie at Primitive and Proper, and most especially, Chrissie at Chrissie's Collection, that I found the courage to give it a shot.  

We've all seen these lovely serpentine styled dressers....

I acquired another one similar to this one (sorry no before picture).  As always, I stripped and sanded the top, which revealed a lovely mahogany, with no issues!  Yay!  Dark Walnut stain, and several coats of poly finished off the top beautifully.

Next was the prep work for this new product.  I sanded the piece down well, probably more aggressively than when I use ASCP.  But everything else was the same....clean it really well and start painting.

When I opened the Lamp Black, it definitely had a blue hue to it....Hmmm...well, let's give it a good stir and see what we get.

The shade of black was perfect and the application of the paint was a breeze.  It is different than chalk much more smooth.  I found my technique in applying it needed to be adjusted (much easier to have drips with this paint), but two easy coats gave the piece full coverage.

There is a longer drying time (especially in this cold weather) so that is a small factor to consider.  I like to sand in between coats, and it sands beautifully.  Although the finish is not chalky feeling, I still opted to wax it.  I love MissMustard Seed wax, and it took the wax nicely.  A good buffing provided a lovely, soft sheen.

The hardware got a good cleaning and polishing, which revealed those stunning brass pulls.

I still sigh when I can restore the top of a piece....

I consider this a success and will be trying out this paint on other future projects....I love it....

Thank you, Suzanne, Cassie and Chrissie for sharing your knowledge!

And in case you are wondering, I have not be compensated in any way for this post!  I just wanted to share my experience in case someone else was wondering what this "new" paint is all about!  :)

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