Thursday, January 8, 2015

Evening Plum by General Finishes

Happy New Year to all of you!  It's been awhile since I've shared a post.  Since much of my work is similar in nature, it doesn't make sense to keep posting the same ole same ole.  But this transformation brought about some good learnings for me, and hopefully you'll find something worthwhile in this post to help you with a future project.

I forgot to get a good 'before' picture...This is the best I have...sorry!

Hopefully you get the idea...1970s blonde oak.  It's a piece from the Hooker Mainline collection for you MCM fans!  :)

My friend, Tamy fell in love with it and wanted a deep pink color.  We looked at a Sherwin Williams paint deck and she picked Dynamo.

I was fully prepared to dip my toe into the world of using Webster's Chalk Paint Powder.  I thought I'd get a sample pot from SW, add the Webster's and be good to go, right?  WRONG!

For starters, the sample paint from SW is awful!  It took me about 10 coats on a paper plate just to get full coverage so Tamy could see the actual color in her home.  I wasn't interested in painting this piece in this bright color, only to have her say, "I don't really like it"!  :)  After running into poor coverage issue, I found upon reading about this, it is a known issue the SW samples are thin.  Okay, I'll just have Benjamin Moore match the color.  Their paints are excellent quality.  I get a quart from BM, closely follow the directions on the Webster's package and start painting.

NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  The paint with the chalk powder was thin...3 coats and I wasn't getting the full coverage I've come to appreciate from ASCP & General Finishes.  Thank heavens Tamy also loved a picture of a piece done in Evening Plum from GF!

Here are the drawers, in my dining room, getting their second coat of Evening Plum:

I love General Finishes paints.  They cover beautifully!  No conversation, no back talk...just very well behaved!

I'm cruising along with the project and realize I need to address the 3 drawers hiding behind the doors.  Hmm....we need to do something special.  White, black and gold.  Tamy zeroed in on a stencil from Royal Design Studios:  African Plumes Furniture Stencil.

Are you ready for some "After" shots?

I cleaned up the hardware and then added some Gold Rub N Buff.

I used a gold pin, Graphite and French Linen by ASCP for the stencil.

Four coats of General Finishes High Performance Gloss Top Coat was the finishing step for this stunning dresser.

My take away from this project:  No Webster's Chalk Paint Powder until I understand better what I did wrong while mixing it or using it.  So if you've had good luck with the powder, please let me know your secret!  :)

On another note, hopefully the quality of my photos will improve in 2015.  The staging and photographing of my pieces is my least favorite part of this process.  But I'm optimistic you'll see some improvements in the coming year!  :)

I hope you found this post helpful or informative!  That's for stopping by!


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