Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vintage Chest in Need of Some Veneer Removal

I took in a pitiful looking vintage chest that had good bones, drawers worked well, but the veneer on the top was messed up.  I had not attempted to remove veneer up to this point in my "painting career". Oh, what the heck...let's give it a try.

It was a little tedious, but with some patience, and elbow grease, it all came off.  The wood underneath was not very pretty, so I painted the entire piece.

The base coat is Old Ochre, and the top coats are layers of a custom mix of Duck Egg nd a smidge of Provence.

I needed to replace the top knobs, so I chose crystal to complement the overall feel of the lovely, vintage look.

I loved the vintage look, so I opted to distress this piece more heavily than my general process or distressing around the edges.

The pulls were imperceptible, but with a little paint, you can see the lovely detail in them.

I tried some pretty white knobs, but the new owner opted for the crystal knobs.

She's going to use it in her new baby's room!  Isn't this fun?  I bet the original owner would be thrilled to know this piece has a new life with a new life!  :)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My First Mid Century Modern

Reloving vintage furniture has been a great joy to me for the past few years.  I've limited myself to classic chippendale, some early american and depression era furniture.  I came upon a mid century buffet a few weeks ago...and have long admired the transformations of others (especially Reeves @ The Weathered Door).  I decided to bring it home and give it a try.

A wonderful client spotted it when I posted this 'before' picture on my FB page and claimed it.  A few weeks later, and after some discussion, I sent her some of my own paint swatches....

Very professional looking swatches, wouldn't you agree!  Ha!  Anyway, it works for me and the folks that want a custom color....

Here is the finished piece....

I finished it with several coats of the General Finishes High Performance Satin Poly.  It leaves a lovely sheen without being to shiny!

I love the way it turned out....I know it's not everyone's style, but if you like straighter lines and are looking for the proverbial 'pop of color', this is a style and color for you!

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