Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ASCP Coco + Soft Washes

Laurie has been working on getting her bedroom designed and decorated for almost a year.  She's been so smart in her approach....Laying out a plan, and acquiring the 'right' pieces over time.  She had a lovely palette headboard made, and already had a standing chest when we first met.  She needed night stands and a dresser.  With some ace snooping skills from both of us, we found 2 different night stands, but after much discussion, we came up with an ASCP Coco base and a wash of gray and French Linen, with a smidge of dark glaze.  Although they were different styles, they were painted the same, giving a cohesive look to her design.

The hunt was on for a dresser.  Here it is May and we finally found one!  A few other candidates popped up over the past few months, but for various reasons, they didn't work out.  Although it can be disappointing to have something slip through your fingers, sometimes good things happen when you are patient!  Karma, baby, Karma!

As usual, I forgot to take the good old "Before" picture.  But after lots of brainstorming and a few sample drawers, we came up with the same them:  "Different but the same".  This time the Coco base was darkened slightly, and then washes added to the insets to give some definition to the lovely design of this Drexel dresser.

This piece is from the early 1960s...The Drexel Triune Collection.  The lovely Suzanne at The Painted Drawer had just completed the exact same dresser just weeks before I had the pleasure of scoring this one!  You can read about her transformation Here!  Her post even includes a "Before" picture if you are curious about what it looked like back in the day!  Anyway, I love these older pieces....especially when they include the coin and jewelry tray!  A little cleaning and sanding, along with MMS Hemp Oil brought it back to life!

And then of course the drawers...Could there ever be an RPK post without mentioning the drawers????

Laurie's room is almost done...She has a gorgeous French vanity that she inherited from her mother that I've been secretly coveting!  I hope she lets me give it some love one of these days!

I hope you enjoyed this makeover...and I hope Laurie does too!

Thanks for stopping by!