Wednesday, August 20, 2014

French Linen for a French Dresser

When a client came over to pick up a desk and chair, she mentioned also needing a dresser for her bedroom.  I asked for forgiveness as I took her into my very messy shop.  I lifted the blanket off of this nine drawer dresser made by Dixie:

It was a little tired, but she felt confident that an "RPK Relove" could transform it.  Her vision was the same technique I used on this vanity which was mostly Paris Gray.

As I got into it, the Paris Gray on this piece started to look like a the layering began.

Here is a picture of the one of the drawers before any top coats or glazes:

It's Old Ochre, Paris Gray, French Linen and then Old White.

The top stripped beautifully....original hardware....and here it is:

Although I started with one plan for this piece, the transformation evolved as I started to see it come to life.  The softening of the Paris Gray with French Linen and Old White really helped create a the final piece.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Vintage Side Tables

When I spotted this pair of vintage side tables (at the right price), I knew they would find a loving home soon after an RPK Relove.  

 I had already started the prep when the light bulb went off "Don't forget to take a Before Pic!"  Tada!

A little stripping and sanding of the top revealed another beautiful wood grain just screaming to be stained.

I used General Finished Java Gel Stain, with several coats of their High Performance Satin Poly.

A little light distressing....

Love the rungs....such pretty details with these older pieces...

And one small surprise as I put on the finishing touches...What slight difference do you see in these two pieces?

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More Antique White Furniture

I really do love playing with color, mixing colors, layering colors, and just generally experimenting!  But for some reason, Antique White has been occupying my color palette these days.  This lovely 3 piece set from National Mt Airy, late 1950s era, was decidedly going to be soft whites...especially when the tops stripped so beautifully.

For this set, I tried a few new things....The stain on the tops is General Finishes Brown Mahogany.  It is a beautiful warm brown...not as dark as Minwax Dark Walnut and definitely not as dark at General Finishes Java Gel.  

I'm really enjoying their stains and will do another post at a later time about using them, and the pros & cons of their gel stains.  I finished the top with 4 coats of their High Performance Satin Poly.  The satin provides a soft sheen...not a glossy finish.

The pieces received a very light coat of Van Dyke glaze...which I've found a little tricky to use.  I put the flat high performance poly on the base, lightly sanded, applied another coat of poly, lightly sanded and then the glaze.  With a damp cloth in one hand, and a small artist's brush in the other, I applied the glaze, and then immediately wiped it off....allowing it to settle into the grooved areas.

The structure of the drawers was interesting in that there appeared to be 12 drawers, when in reality there were only 8 drawers.  All of the pieces had the original hardware.

If you are a regular follower, you know I have an obsession about the interiors of drawers...and these were no different.  They cleaned up beautifully....

A very lovely woman saw the dresser posted on my Facebook Page and decided the three pieces needed to come live with her!  :)  That always warms my heart!

As I write this post, all of my lovely blue hydrangeas have begun to turn sad to know summer is winding down.  But for now, I'm thankful for every day that is not freezing, sleeting and snowing!  

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