Thursday, May 22, 2014

Provence & Gold = Gorgeous

If you're wondering what has happened to me and my blog...well, it's my photography!  It's giving me a fit...I want my pictures to be pretty.  Figuring out settings, lighting and editing just don't come easily for me.  To find some acceptable pictures and then write about it is becoming a chore.  Anyway, I still love painting and if I can write a post every now and then that is helpful to at least one person, then the 'chore' is so worth it!  

I found a pretty little table in a thrift store.  Unfortunately, I forgot the 'before' pics...but it was brown and tired!  I haven't done much with layering lately or painted anything in Provence, so let's get this party started!

I first painted the entire piece in ASCP Old Ochre and then a coat of ASCP Provence.

This is the first picture of the 'in progess".  It also shows a little ASCP Old White in the curves and crevices and some slight distressing. This was my original vision at this stage...but I just wasn't feeling it.  It just needed a little something else.

How about a little gold gilding wax on the high points...and maybe some General Finishes glaze to deepen the color value a bit?

I love how the chalk paint creates some texture for the the glaze to take hold of.  And hints of Old White in the crevices helps to emphasize the beautiful curves of this lovely table.

I added just a smidge of the gold gilding wax on the very edge of the table top...

And here she is in her entirety!

I regret not having a 'before' picture.  I am still amazed at how paint can transform a piece!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Adding a Little Peacock Blue to My Portfolio

As a student of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, I have long admired and enjoyed working with her subtle colors of grays, creams, whites, blacks and blues.  They are lovely and elegant and in sync with my personal style.  However, every magazine I pick up has pictures of pieces with "a pop of color".  There is a strong desire in today's design to add bright, vibrant colors to decorating schemes.  As I am just discovering the wonders of General Finishes Milk Paint, my eye caught their Corinth Blue.  So let's start the journey:

Here is the "Before" minus the hardware....typical 1970s style end table.  Good bones, wonderful deep drawer for storage, but very average looking. 

I gave them (yes, there is a pair) a good sanding and then scrubbing with steel wool and denatured alcohol.  I'm not sure this much prep is necessary, but when starting out with a new product, I'd prefer to take extra steps for durability until I fully understand the product I am working with.

I've used the GF Lamp Black and loved how it covered....and the Corinth Blue was no different.  

The color is gorgeous and helps bring out the interesting design of the drawers and legs.  The blue is a bit bright (for my conservative eyes!) so I used the General Finishes Van Dyke Brown glaze to help tone down the brightness.  I also chose to use their High Performance Poly Top Coat.  It gives a smooth, and very durable finish.  You do have to be mindful of drips when applying it, so if you give it a try, keep an eye out for a drip to sneak up on you!  :)  I just keep a small artist brush nearby and smooth out the drip....The poly levels beautifully and gives a very even finish.

I was thrilled when I picked these up to learn they still had the original hardware!

Although this bright color was not in my normal "wheelhouse", you can expect to see more of this from RPK.  I was delighted with the outcome and am hopeful they find a loving home that needs a 'pop of color'!

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